Buying a Wine Cooler Auction

Keep your wine collection safe and sound with a high-quality stainless steel wine cooler. Whether freestanding or built-in, these units come with several features to help protect your bottles from fluctuating temperatures and other environmental factors.

The piece was reportedly purchased by Gary Hendershott, who owns the Alexander Macomb house in Manhattan, which served as Washington’s second residence during his two years as president. It has been in his family for generations.

Freestanding Models

A freestanding wine fridge can be a great addition to your home, whether you are an experienced wine collector or simply enjoy occasional glasses with friends. These specialized appliances store your wines in optimal conditions to preserve their flavors and aromas over time.

They are typically more affordable than built-in models and offer a range of features to suit your specific needs, from temperature control and UV protection to shelving, energy efficiency, and lock protection. Many wine coolers are crafted from stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean.

They also offer a wide variety of sizes, styles, and finishes, so you can find the perfect fridge to match your decor. Some feature a mirrored door that resists fingerprints and smudges for a sleek appearance. Others have double-pane reinforced glass to block harmful UV light and protect your wines from premature oxidation. Many models also have adjustable shelves to accommodate different bottle sizes and shapes.

Thermoelectric or Compressor-Based Cooling Technology

Thermoelectric cooler assemblies use a Peltier plate with a heat sink constructed from aluminium fins to keep your wine at the ideal temperature. This solid-state technology offers a great deal of benefits, including reliability, ease of installation, negligible noise levels and compact size.

However, it’s worth noting that thermoelectric coolers suck up power nonstop and can be more expensive to operate than compressor-based units, which cycle on and off when needed. With energy bills a major concern for nearly everyone, this could prove costly over time.

Thermoelectric cooling is also a lot quieter than a compressor unit. While a compressor cooler may emit an audible hum when running, the simple electric current required to run a TEC makes almost no noise at all – unless fans are installed inside the cabinet for improved air circulation. This lack of vibration is also a boon for those who wish to age their wine long-term. This method of storage prevents continual shaking that can disturb sediments within the bottle and ruin its flavor.

Nice Glass Door Options

Wine Coolers with Glass Doors

For the most attractive wine cooler cabinets, choose one that has a nice tempered glass door. Whether tinted, frosted or mirrored, this style of door allows you to show off your wine collection for a sleek look. Tempered glass is strong enough to withstand vibrations so that your bottles aren’t disturbed and the double or triple-paned insulation helps reduce energy consumption.

Thermoelectric cooling and a fan-circulated air system help maintain an optimal temperature, while front venting heat dispersal ensures efficient operation. Anti-vibration construction preserves bottle sediment and keeps wine at its optimum flavor profile over the long term.

A built-in universal hexagon bolt lock guards your wine cooler, so only you can manage its contents and the interior temperature stays at its intended level. The unit also has a blue LED display light and alarms to warn you of issues such as a door being left open for too long or the internal temperature changing.

Stylish Interior Lighting

Stainless-steel frames and double-paned glass add elegance to your wine storage. The glass helps prevent the formation of condensation and safeguards your bottles from harmful UV rays that can alter their chemical makeup and spoil the flavor and quality of your wines. The interior LED lighting is a thoughtful design feature that adds a modern touch while helping you easily identify and access your wines.

The interior is spacious enough to accommodate 54 bottles and the adjustable beech wood shelves are made from moisture-resistant material for maximum durability. You can use the cooler as a freestanding or fit it under your counter, thanks to its front-venting compressor system. It also features a reversible door hinge that offers installation flexibility and a sleek, contemporary look. Practical features include a thermostat that automatically reverts to the last temperature setting during a power outage and temperature and door ajar alarms for added protection of your wine collection. The touchless digital thermostat with blue LED display makes it easy to monitor and change settings.

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